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Just for Fun Friday – One Flag to Rule Them All Edition

Well, we decided to do a Team Virtus Fantasy Football League in an effort to build team camaraderie, because, you know, we really don’t like each other very much.

We didn’t have quite enough for a 10-team league, so we agreed to let the future Mrs. Jenkins (Cara) and the future Mrs. Laffoon (Michelle) into the league.

Cara proved to be no serious threat since she completely neglected her team, and she never, literally never, set her lineup. In her defense, though, Bob only set his lineup once.

Michelle, however has made the playoffs, and Adam did not. Therefore, he is obviously fired from the team.

The Lambs have dominated the regular season, and they round out the other three spots in the playoffs. I will play Casey this week, and Darin (he’s my cousin, so he is half Lamb) will play Michelle.

Other than pride, fame, and glory, we’ll be playing for this bad boy:

Fantasy Football Flag

Rusty just missed the playoffs with a record of 8-6. Adam managed to squeak out a 500 record at 7-7. Then we had Robby at 6-8, Bob at 5-8, Drew at 3-11, and Cara at a lowly 1-13.

It’s been a lot of fun, and I apologize to Casey in advance for crushing him this weekend. I can’t wait to display my new Champion’s Flag. I will be bringing it with me to every adventure race in the future. And yes, I will be signing autographs.

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