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Just for fun Friday – How do You Train Through the Winter Edition

In case you missed it on our facebook page (you can “Like” us on the right hand side of this page, by the way), I just received a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Trainer from the best parents in the world (Thanks again Mom and Dad!). Check it out:


I have a few questions for you guys, though. If you have a trainer, how do you use it? Intervals? Long, slow rides? Shorter race-pace rides? Only when it’s snowing or raining or below freezing?

Also, how do you make it less boring? Do you watch movies? Listen to music or audiobooks? Work on your mental toughness by staring at the wall and suffering? Or do you do group “rides” with others on trainers to suffer together?

Speaking of suffering, has anyone ever tried any of the videos from The Sufferfest? Robby has one and really likes it, and I was thinking about trying one out. It looks like a painfully “fun” way to become a stronger rider.


Or have you used any other training videos? Anyone know anything about the “Spinervals” videos?

Robby, Bob, and I are planning on getting together for some group “suffer fests” on the trainers very soon (and anyone else is welcome to join us… Even Adam). We’ll let you know how it goes.

And what else do you do to train through the winter? Seriously, we want to know. Let’s get some feedback here, people! I’m talking to you! If you’ve been lurking on our blog without commenting, then we want to hear from you. Yes, you!

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