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Race to the Dome Canoe/Kayak Race- Who’s In???

Race to the Dome Canoe Race, Jefferson City, MO

Bob just brought this to my attention, and I think we’re going to do this one as a two-man team.  Who else wants to do it?  It’s a 16 mile canoe/kayak race on the Missouri River from Hartsburg to Jefferson City on July 3rd, 2010.  It’s affordable, it’s close to home (for most of us), and it looks like a blast. Check out more info at

The best part is that this race will benefit the Missouri River Relief, a group “dedicated to reconnecting people to the Missouri River through hands-on river clean-ups and education events.”  This is the first year for this race, and it’s a grassroots kind of thing.  So come on out and join us.  It would be fantastic if we could get a bunch of Team Virtus members and friends out there racing in this.  At the very least, help spread the word by telling everyone you know about this race.

And seriously… You should do this one.  Yes, you.

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