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Shawnee Extreme Rogaine 2010 Race Report (Picture heavy)

Shortly after Drew and Luke had such a great finish at the Berryman 36, everyone on the team got the same email from Zack. It read:


Luke and Drew’s impressive finish at the Berryman has rekindled some of my old  desires for AR and Orienteering.  We did the 12 hour version last year,  so this year let’s do the 24 hour!  Last year, it was a good time and kind of an ass kicker. Who’s In??????????????????????????????

And so began the banter on our account, with pretty much everyone wanting to do the race. I’ve put on about 30 pounds since my trip to Leadville, so I was reluctant . Climbing steep grades for 24 hours sounded horrific, as did the prospect of putting a damper on the team’s performance. Lucky for me, this team cares a lot more about having a good time than winning anything. It was the perfect way to get everyone together for some team building/orienteering practice.

Wives and girlfriends were bribed and the trip to the Shawnee Extreme was planned. It was a long drive to Ohio from Missouri, so Luke and I met EARLY for the drive, picking Drew up along the way. I think we were somewhere in Illinois when Drew announced he’d brought some of my favorite, (and now illegal), adult beverages….

Drew's first Loko....he looks so happy

It was love at first swig. I could tell Drew loved Loko by the way he said, “Oh my God this shit is disgusting!!” After a bit of peer pressure he managed to drink the whole can, but he definitely had to work for it. Before long, “The quiet man” was talking all kinds of smack and treating Luke and I to an amazing musical compilation of mid-to-late 90’s hip hop music (Vanilla Ice, Boyz II Men, Tone Loc, and more). Drew’s music collection is unparalleled. I heard some jams in the truck that day that I havent heard since high school.

I’m a pretty big fan of the”Loko juice,” but it really is an acquired taste. The effects can really sneak up on you too, which was evident from the silence in the back of the truck.

Energy drink, my ass. And apparently it makes your knees HUGE.

We finally hooked up with Casey, who made the trip from NY, and we all made it to the campground. Casey had brought some “real” bagels from New York, and they were phenomenal. He even brought strawberry cream cheese…I love this team.

The hammocks were hung and gear was made ready, leaving us with plenty of time sitting around an imaginary campfire swapping stories. Beers were consumed and much wind was broken. There was even some discussion concerning the race report for “The Thunder Rolls”, and hopefully we can all come to an agreement on the final draft. More on that later:)

Hey dude, take a picture of me taking a picture of you!

Here’s a shot of yours truly, (Bob), and “The Pace Center”. Note the shocked look on my face as Casey tells me about his swing. There’s no way I’m telling that story on this blog..

Yes, those are my pajama pants

I think we all slept pretty good that night. In fact, the only time I woke up was when Drew barfed up his Four Loko right next to my hammock. I guess Hennessy Hammocks are hard to see in the dark. He was kind enough to cover the evidence with leaves, but still no word on whether or not he intends to drink another Loko. Ah, the memories.

Race day greeted us with a beautiful, chilly morning. We made our way over to race HQ and started route planning.

As he’d promised, Casey was in excellent shape. The only time I’ve ever seen him in better shape was from one of his pro MMA fights:

Clearly the most ambitious of the group, “PC” wanted to get ALL of the CP’s. After looking at the map, the rest of us had other ideas. A few of them involved a bit more climbing than we wanted, and we didn’t see a clear way to create a decent loop to maximize our point gathering. PC wasn’t having any of that sissy talk, so there was a spirited debate. I’ve captioned the photos below to recount their conversation:

Drew: You wanna do what??? BWHAHAHA!!!!

MF'er, I know 487 ways to kill you with my bare hands...and I've got a world-class smile.

The race had a pretty solid turnout; Men & women, kids and even some older-looking folk toed the line that day, there were even some high school kids from a JROTC detachment. Seeing those ROTC kids was very cool, it reminded me of a simpler time when I had fatter cheeks, no facial hair and was completely terrified of women.


For a moment we thought we’d been graced with the presence of Sir Mason Storm of the STL, but it was only an imposter with a very strong beard.

Beard POWER!!

How disappointing.

After a quick pre-race team photo the race was on! First order of business: walk up a gradual hill to a slightly larger hill, to a gynormously long and steep hill until your lungs, legs and ass are ready to explode.  OooooRah!!

At this point it still seemed like a good idea

Midway up the initial climb Luke spotted a buck rub. Buck-rubs have been an ongoing joke between the two of us; I used to hunt white-tail deer quite a bit and have a knack for spotting rubs. Luke has only ever hunted “human-whitetails”, (that means girls with tan lines), so he often pretends to have seen or spotted a rub. We’ve been hiking together for 2 years now and he’s never spotted one before, so it was kind of a big deal.

Gratuitous Beaver-Stik shot

If the first 20 minutes was any indication of how things were going to be for 24 hours, we were gonna be in some pretty deep shit.  The way down wasn’t so bad, and since horrific knee pain hadn’t kicked in yet, Luke managed to get a quick glamour shot:

After that, we were on flat ground for quite a while and there was plenty to look at. The teams were all very much fanned out by now, so it felt like the 4 of us had the woods to ourselves.  Stories of past and present sexual conquests ensued, and much wind was broken.

The terrain was certainly not accommodating to the foot-mobile traveler, as we soon found out in a slippery, yet beautiful creek. I believe it was Casey who slipped and fell, nearly taking out Drew in the process. Close call.. after that we made sure to spread out a bit.

Here we see Casey and some huge wood he found.

One more reason we (almost) never win…ya gotta stop and take pictures. Here, I do my best impression of Frodo hiding from the Nanzguul in the movie Lord of the Rings.

aw shit.. ring wraiths!!

See the resemblance??

I guess I look more like Sam. Frodo is a pansy anyway, everybody knows that

We had agreed from the beginning that today would be used as a means for everyone to do some nav, instead of crutching on Luke all day. Casey went first, and we had very few problems.

All in all, things were going very well. Everybody was staying hydrated, fed, and we were all in good spirits. During the daylight, time seemed to fly by. It wasn’t until later in the afternoon that I felt my feet blistering like a mofo. I think Luke was having some knee pain, and I started getting a hip flare-up from my wreck in Springfield this year. Good thing we had ibuprofen, or we would’ve been screwed.

Some of these CP’s had us walking thru some seriously rough/thorn infested terrain. The following pics should give you an idea:

Dude, you comin?

Flippin ridiculous, right?

Oh yeah, that one was easy to find...

I remember watching the rest of the guys walk down into this hell hole and wishing I was somewhere else. It wasn’t even dark yet.


Before long we came to a manned CP and were given additional UTM’s, along with some free ZANFEL and some kind of fancy detergent for your outdoor clothes. Very cool.

It was also a nice place to stop and eat some Rockit Fuel. If you’re not using Rockit Fuel yet, you need to get on board. I got a coupon for some free product from them about 6 months ago and was an instant fan. I also met the company’s owner while I was in Leadville and he was a very classy guy. I like to fill a water bottle with some of their Holy Pinole and just eat a pinch of it now and then. One water bottle-full will last a looong time, and it’s very light. I don’t like gels, so Rockit Fuel is perfect for me. Plus, I don’t get all sticky trying to keep track of empty wrappers.

Anyway, we plotted some points and got back in the game.

There seemed to be a great deal of long-distance navigation, which meant we did a lot of walking in between CP’s. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, but we had ample opportunity to get lots of photos.

Here at Team Virtus, image is everything. Go pro or go home.

Eventually it got dark and the nav became a bit more difficult. When it was my turn to lead, I thought I’d be the big hero and follow a contour line  instead of taking the obvious route along a trail. I felt right, and it was one of those situations when I “just knew” I was going to pull it off. Alas,  my ego was bigger than my brain and I led us pretty far off course. It was disappointing because I REALLY wanted to hit that CP, but I’m glad we made the attempt.  We talked about where I went wrong and I learned from it. You never know until you try, and there’s always next time. Trust me, when I get it right… you’ll know:)

As we soldiered into the night,  it became apparent that Drew and Casey were in much better shape than Luke and I. The pictures below are testament to that fact. Here, we see Drew and PC lounging at the top of a large hill:

"...Totally beautiful night, huh?--Oh yeah, perfect weather.."

Luke and I at the top of the same hill:

"FML, are we there yet?" "They better not be out of food at HQ"

At some point, I had been awake long enough that my mind simply wouldn’t function correctly. As far as helping the team with navigation, I was completely worthless. I went into zombie mode, just following along blindly trying to put my mind somewhere else. 

Most unflattering photo ever

It wasn’t long before I got my first taste of “sleep monsters”. I was walking along and all at once I saw Cheshire from Alice in Wonderland in a tree right in front of me. It was only for a moment, but it absolutely scared the shit out of me. It turned out to only be a large U-shaped leaf hanging from a tree, but I was still a bit freaked out. If I’d have been out there  alone and saw that, they would’ve found me the next day laying in a pool of piss sucking my thumb.

Hey Bob! How bout I eat your face?

I saw a few other things I’d rather not mention, but the point I’m trying to make here is that sleep deprivation will indeed make you see some really bizarre things.

Ever since Zack went vegan we’ve all been trying to think of ways to make ourselves a little more eco-friendly. Casey recycles all of Luke’s jokes, I started drinking Loko so there’d be fewer empty beer cans at my house, and Luke has almost perfected a new technique for bottling farts as an alternative fuel source.  Drew, however, decided to take “going green”  to a whole new level….

3 Words: Giant. Tree. Vagina.

Finally, (and I do mean finally), we made it back to HQ for some serious crushing of chili, baby red potatoes and biscuits ‘n’ gravy. This race is worth the price of admission just for the food and the cool shirt.

Usually he's quiet when we're eating...

We may have eaten a little too much, but the indigestion was worth it.

Serious business...little guys like to eat too.

Midway thru “happy-time”, Casey told a swing-story that nearly caused the rest of us to vomit…look how happy he was:

Casey calls for a toast to our gag reflexes.

Hanging out at HQ for a while gave us an opportunity to figure out why the hell my feet hurt so bad:

Hmm. I kinda wish I hadn't looked

I know, I’s disgusting. Just do yourself a favor and learn from my mistakes. Prep your feet or you’ll be walking on fire for a while.

I don’t remember a lot of detail after that, but what I do remember is that it started to rain. The rain gained intensity until  we were mostly soaked and ready to get back to camp for a few hours sleep before the long drive home.

We, (meaning Luke), developed a route home and trudged back toward the finish line. Between Luke’s knees and my hip, we went thru a disturbing amount of ibuprofen. There was a short period of time when we may or may not have been lost, but I would have never known the difference. We wound up slashing our way through some super-nasty thorns until we found the trail and made our way back to camp.

TV....Checkin' out!

There was a mile or two of paved road before we officially made it back, and we passed the time the same way we always do: Laughing our asses off  recounting the day’s events and those of days gone by. Just like any other race report, this one has left out a multitude of details and I must ALWAYS point out that photos will never do justice to actually being there (For all of our photos, check out the slideshow at the bottom of this post).

The food station doesn't stand a chance

A huge thanks to all of the fantastic volunteers and especially to the great people at NSF Adventures for putting on an amazing event.  We did this race as a means of improving our nav skills and strengthening the bonds that hold Team Virtus together. Mission accomplished.

The only thing missing was you. You know you want to go, so leave a comment or click the contact link on our home page and we’ll see you on the trail. I’m talking to you, Travis Simmons, Robby Brown, Brandon Lepage, Sonya Tomes, and especially you…..Lurker.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

High Profile Adventure Camp – Orienteering and “Paddling” Practice

**NOTE** This write-up is presented to you as a collaborative effort; I (Luke) wrote this report, and Casey and Bob added their comments. The original write-up is given in black text, Bob’s comments are presented to you in green, and Casey’s commentary is given in red.  I added a response or two in yellow.

Be sure to check out the Lighting Strikes Adventure Race Report and the Fixed Ropes Report from camp as well.


I nearly peed my pants in anticipation of the weekend to come. We were going to meet my brother, Casey, in Mount Carroll, IL for the High Profile Adventure Camp and Lightning Strikes Adventure Race. Bob and I made the 6 to 7 hour drive with only a few small problems.

My printer ran out of toner halfway through printing the directions. I didn’t realize it, however, until we were an hour or two into the drive, so our only directions were blank pages from that point on. So, I signed up for a trial GPS service on my phone (which I still need to cancel… Damn it!). Unfortunately, I forgot my phone charger, and the GPS completely drained the battery. So we sort of had directions, and we eventually made it there after “taking the scenic route” a couple of times. Was getting lost on the way to camp a sign of things to come? Man, I hoped not.

Bob and I got there with Casey arriving shortly thereafter, and we were the first team to check in. Was this a sign of things to come? Man, I hoped so. (Spoiler Alert: This was the only time Team Virtus would be first this weekend.) We had enough time to drive to a nearby town for some dinner. The Kountry Kettle couldn’t have possibly known that we were about to walk through their doors.

All you can eat steak

Kountry Kettle is to Team Virtus as a Brothel is to Tiger Woods.

Casey: Eating steak is one area that Team Virtus excels at.  If it’s ever a mystery event, we are golden.  (A great idea for next years race.)

Bob: If only we would’ve had more time…

After nearly putting the Kountry Kettle out of business, we headed back to camp.  We had an evening full of great instruction on navigation and paddling.

The next morning, the campers were split into two groups.  Half of us headed out for some navigation practice, while the other half hit the Mighty Mississippi for some paddling practice.  Fortunately, we were in the navigation group, so the paddling practice would wait until later in the day when it was warmer (albeit only a little bit warmer).  As we headed out, we realized that this park was not really tailor-made for Team Virtus.  We just never seemed to fit in here.  It was as if the Adventure Racing Gods were saying, “Stay away!  Today is not your day!”

Mississippi Palisades State Park, IL

What the...???? Seriously????

We should have read the signs… We should have gone back to bed… It just didn’t feel right.  On the other hand, Team Virtus has never backed down from anything!  Ever!  So, we grabbed our maps and compasses and ventured into the thick, harsh, unforgiving forest.

Thick forest at Mississippi Palisades State Park, IL

We took turns navigating, but I can’t remember who went first.  All I know is that we struggled from the start, and we all had some issues.  We just couldn’t get a feel for this map.

Casey: I cannot tell a lie…I went first.  Somehow we went up the wrong reentrant right from the start.  We decided to take off by ourselves and lose the crowd.  I consulted with our team navigator and we all agreed we were where we thought we were.  It turned out we were wrong.  We got so turned around, (this never happens, we are usually point-on with our navigation) we only found where we were once we hit a powerline and followed it to a CP that was not the one we thought we were at.  From there on, we were right on…I’m still not sure what exactly happened.

Luke: This is true.  I remember completely agreeing with Casey on which reentrant to go up.  If I remember correctly, Bob, who is the least experienced navigator of us, did the best job navigating that day.

Bob: Yeah, well..on some days the sun will shine on a dog’s ass.

After finally getting two or three checkpoints, we started to get in a groove, and things started to go more smoothly.  At one point I thought I saw Big Foot, but it was only Bob.

Bob Jenkins as Big Foot

Big Foot Bob

Time seemed to fly by, and soon it was time to head back to the parking lot for some paddling practice.  We don’t really have too many photos of the paddling practice for two reasons.  For one, I didn’t want to ruin my camera in the off-chance that we actually tipped our canoe.  And secondly, our paddling only lasted about 30 seconds.

Casey: An ironic forshadowing event occured as we headed back to the parking lot.  We ran into another team that informed us that 2 canoes had already tipped and one right near shore.  They had decided to continue on with the navigation for the second half of the session and skip the paddle all togehter.  We figured they were avoiding the possibility of a tip, and we were overly confident that we would not.  The paddle leg is where Team Virtus usually makes up some ground in races….

I’m still not sure what happened.  First of all, we had a lot of beef in one canoe. Secondly, none of us had ever used Kayak paddles in a canoe before.  From the beginning, the canoe felt ridiculously tippy.  I had a bad feeling as soon as we pushed off.  I was in the stern of the boat, Casey was in the Bow, and Bob was in the middle.

Immediately after pushing off from the shore, I looked up only to find that Casey seemed to be in the race of his life.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone take so many paddle strokes in such a short time before.  I called out to him, “Dude, take it easy!  Calm down a little until we get a feel for things.”  He slowed down for roughly 1.5 seconds and immediately continued paddling feverishly fast like a Tasmanian Devil on Meth.  He was like Jo-Jo the Idiot Circus Boy.

Casey: I am sure that I wasn’t the only idiot that day.  We all were paddling with the new technique we learned from Jeremy.  Guess we need a little more work.

Luke: Sure, sure… Everybody was paddling  just like you… Uhhuh…

Then we ended up completely sideways to the wake of a passing motorboat.  The next moment we were completely wet.  It happened really freakin’ fast, and the water was really freakin’ cold!  The next thing I saw will be imprinted in my mind until the day I die.  It makes me laugh whenever I think of it.  As I held onto the canoe trying (unsuccessfully) to fill my lungs with air, both Bob and Casey come up out of the water completely synchronized with the exact same look of horrifying shock on their faces.  It was absolutely priceless! However, I’m sure the look on my face was identical to theirs.  I wish someone would have gotten a picture of both of them, but I could only find this photo of Casey:
Casey after swamping in the Mississippi

Seriously… The water was cold, and the air temperature wasn’t exactly warm (~45 degrees).  I heard someone yell, “Stay with the boat, and we’ll come tow you in!”  The next thing I knew, Casey was trying to climb ONTO the swamped canoe.  I’m no expert or anything, but I’m pretty sure a swamped canoe isn’t going to stay afloat when 250 pounds of Casey climbs on top of it.  And I was right.  As Casey clambered around on top of the canoe, it became completely submerged. Fortunately, we were literally only 30 or 40 yards from shore so even if the canoe had sunk, I think it could have been saved.

Casey submerging a canoe

Casey seems so proud that he sunk the canoe.

Very specific instructions were called out to us.  One of us was supposed to grab onto a volunteer’s canoe while the other two waited for more help to arrive. As I turned around, Casey was almost to the shore already.  Apparently, Casey wanted to go in first, so Bob and I stayed with the canoe.  Shortly after that, two volunteers towed me in.  Then Bob, holding onto our (now submerged) canoe, was towed in by Professional paddler Jeremy Rodgers (who gave us a shout out right here).

Casey: The water was cold, really freakin’ cold.  First off I did not try to climb into the canoe.  I was hanging onto it as we waited to be rescued.  Secondly, the reason I headed in first was another safety boat instructed me to “walk into shore.”  I tried to do so but could not reach the river bottom.  I then swam towards shore and hung onto the front of a kayak as I was towed into shore until I found purchase and stood up and walked out of the water.

Jeremy Rodgers Hauling Bob and swamped canoe in

As soon as Bob and I made it to shore where Casey was waiting for us, the first words out of his mouth were, “Who went in first?” Um… Wait… What???? How could anyone possibly tell who hit the water first when a canoe full of 700 pounds of Team Virtus completely capsizes?  And even if someone had the super-human ability to tell us who “went in first”, does it really matter?

Casey: The first thing I really asked was if everyone was ok.  Then I asked what the hell happened, and then I really did ask who went in first.  I think I was trying to ask who caused us to tip, but through a foggy, frozen mind all I could get out was who went in first.  For the record: Bob and I went completely under water, totally submerged and had to swim towards the surface before taking a breath.  As we came up and took stock to be sure everybody was alright we saw Luke with a goofy grin on his face and immediately noticed his hat and head were completely dry.  I think he was last in, he must have clung to the boat, in an attempt to keep out of the water.  I am not sure how it happened but somehow I was shot out of the canoe like a clown out of a cannon.

Luke: Yeah, well… Maybe you said that other stuff and maybe you didn’t.  All I heard (and that’s all that really matters) was “Who went in first?” And I didn’t “cling to the boat.”  I just have cat-like speed and reflexes, so I didn’t go completely underwater.

Bob: I think we all knew what was going to happen when that boat crossed us, but there was no way to save it. When he cruised past us we did everything wrong. Somehow, we managed to turn sideways to the wave, and it was all downhill from there.

I’ve heard stories before about how the cold water “takes your breath away,” but I always thought it was a metaphor.  There was a good 5 seconds where I literally couldn’t make myself breathe, it was kuh-razy.

Anyway… It was very cold.  We crossed the parking lot to get to our packs.  We simply stripped down right there to get out of our freezing, wet clothes and into something warm and dry.  Apparently, it was quite a show for all of the volunteers and others that happened to be in the vicinity.  I don’t think any of us cared.

Casey: WARNING–> Naked man buttocks ahead.  Another thing you should notice…Look right below my waist kind of under my belly…that’s right, you know what you’re looking at right through my shorts and remember the water was extremely cold.  Damn, my wife is a lucky woman.

Luke: That little “bulge” of which Casey speaks is actually his extra stash of Cliff Bars.  He keeps them there so they’ll be warm.  He refuses to eat anything that is lower than his body temperature since he has sensitive teeth.  Yeah, he’s a diva like that.  And anyone that knows Casey knows that his wife, Lauren, is anything but lucky.

Bob: I thought Casey  kept  the Clif bars up his ass?

I didn’t actually swim back to shore. I was told to grab the boat with one hand and grab Jeremy Rodgers’ kayak with the other. That guy is an animal, how is it even possible to tow a grown man and a submerged canoe with a kayak?!?

Team Virtus Changing Clothes

Yes. That is my bare ass. I'm sorry you had to see it.

Casey managed to get a shot of Bob doing his best Ace Ventura impression while he was changing clothes…

Bob changing clothes

"Do you have a mint? Perhaps some Binaca?"

Casey: I am not sure exactly what Bob is doing here, but it really does look like he is “Assing me a question”.

Bob: Contrary to the appearance of this photo, I was  trying desperately to get my pants back on before the papparazzi got a shot of my bright red ass.

Luke: Yeah, Bob was in a race with Casey.  Casey got to his camera before Bob got his pants up, but it was close.

Once we finished exposing ourselves to everyone, we decided to head back out to do some more orienteering.  We fared better this time around.  Bob insisted that he could beat us to the first CP by climbing up and over a steep cliff instead of going around it.  We beat him there, but he managed to find this nice lookout point:

Lookout at Mississippi Palisades State Park

It was about time to head back to Camp Benson for some fixed ropes (read our report on that right here), but we were simply starving to death.  Bob and I decided we could wait until we got back to camp, but Casey was simply too hungry.  I tried to stop him. I really did, but Casey just couldn’t help himself. It was like he turned into Jacob, the Alpha Wolf from the fantastic Twilight Series (who, by the way, I thought was much better for Bella than Edward was since he… Uh… I mean… I never actually read those girly books…).  Anyway, the poor little creature never saw Casey coming…

Casey eating a deer

"Get back! This is my kill!"

So, we headed back to the buses and then back to camp.  We managed to get some decent orienteering practice under our belts, and we made complete fools of ourselves in the canoe.  We later learned that we were not the only ones to tip our canoes that day.  We were, however, the only ones that got completely naked out in the open.  The other teams seemed to be a little more modest by changing clothes on the bus.  I’m not sure if we were too cold to think about doing that or just too stupid.  Oh well… It’s not the first time I’ve exposed my bare ass to the general public, and it sure won’t be the last.

Casey: Lets hope it is the last time, it would be a public service.  A note to end on…Half of our cabin took a swim in the Mississippi that day.  5 out of the 10 of us, 50% joined the polar bear club that afternoon.  I am beginning to believe there must be some sort of jinx on the cabin.  That was the real reason we tipped.

Luke: Good point.  We may have been in a cursed cabin.  Hmm… Let’s make sure we get in one of the new cabins next year.

Bob: Yeah… it was either the cabin OR the crazed lunatic break-dancing in the front of the boat. I’m still having nightmares about that shit.

So, all in all we had a great time, and we learned a lot.  And that, mi amigos, is what it’s all about.

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