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Just for Fun Friday: The-Berryman-Is-Here Edition

We will be leaving for The Berryman Adventure in just a couple of hours. What’s the best way to get ready for this race? By making a last minute trip to Alpine Shop since I couldn’t find my map case and since Casey needed new socks.


We didn’t really have time for this, but we decided to skip our naps so we would be sure we’d have all of the mandatory gear. At least Otis had fun.


Bob is teaming up with Travis Hammons to conquer the 12 hour race, and Casey and I are going to attempt the 36 hour race. It should be… uh… fun.

If you wanna keep track of Casey and I during the 36 hour race make sure you go here.  Seriously, please log on and leave some words of encouragement. We’re really going to need your support.

Okay, I better stop writing this. I need to find my trail shoes… And my headlamp… And the keys to the Virtus Van… And my bike…

Anyway, wish us luck and please make sure you check out the online coverage.

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