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Push It! P-P-P-Push It Real Good!

Does anyone remember the original Super Century and the Super Century II? Yeah, well so do I, and my taint will never forget them.  And we fully admit that they were terrible ideas.  But we here at Team Virtus are a bit warped, and for whatever reason, we are drawn to stupid ideas.  Our friends over in Australia, The Tuesday Night Parmas, have presented a challenge that is just stupid enough for us.

It’s the Tour de France Push Up Challenge.  The idea is simple: For every Kilometer in each stage of the TDF, you do one push up.  That’s it.  Simple, right?  And for those that don’t want to convert miles to Kilometers, here is a list of the Kilometers for each stage: Clicky-Click.

Tour De France Push Up Challenge

I know it’s short notice since the Tour starts tomorrow, but I thought some of you might want to participate.  There really are no rules.  Knee-push-ups are acceptable if you must (Laffoon).  There are also no prizes… Other than a great sense of pride and rock-hard pecs.

big pecs from the tour de france push up challenge

So seriously, you want to join in on the “fun”, right?  Our friends over at Team TOG are even doing it.  I haven’t heard if the WTFAR boys are brave enough, but I highly doubt it – especially since Todd is a girly Packers fan.

So, there you go.  If you see any of us over the next couple of weeks, please don’t poke us in the chest.  We’ll be very sore.  Tomorrow kicks off with 213 push ups!  Ouch!

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