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We already have Vir-Tuesdays, and now we have TNT… Thursday Night Throwdowns.  That’s right, this Thursday night is the first of many TNT’s.  Bob posted it on the Team Red Wheel blog, and I thought I’d post it here as well.

TNT with Team Virtus

I hate to admit it, but Adam is the one that actually realized that “Thursday Night Throwdown” could be shortened to TNT.  In fact, he made a lame (yet funny) joke about how these training rides would be “dynamite!”  He’s fired for not letting me think of it, though.

I thought we should call it “Trinitrotoluene” but nobody agreed with me.  So, TNT it is, and “TNT” is pretty fitting since whenever Team Red Wheel and Team Virtus get together, you’re guaranteed to have an “explosively” good time.  Wow… That was worse than Adam’s joke.

Anyway, tomorrow night we’ll be doing a Katy Trail ride.  Meet at the N. Jefferson Lot (the one right on the Katy Trail, not the commuter lot) at 8:15.  We’ll probably roll out by 8:30 for a ride to Hartsburg and back (with perhaps a fried pickle or two if the bar in Hartsburg is still open).

Night Ride on the Katy Trail

Riding the Katy Trail will clearly make you "Freeky" Strong.

So come join us for a 20 mile night ride on Thursday.  You can go at your own pace, and the trail is flat and smooth.  So you don’t have to worry about “blowing up” on this ride, and it will definitely be a “blast!”  Damn!  It’s still not funny, is it?

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