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Just for Fun Friday – Good News/Bad News Edition

Howdy out there in the real world!  As you may have surmised from the title of this blog post, we have some good news and some bad news here on Team Virtus.  So, do you want the good news first?  Or the bad news first?  Well, it doesn’t really matter what you want, because I’m going to give you the good news first.

The Good News

Team Virtus will be launching a three-pronged assault on the Tour De Donut tomorrow morning.  This is a 32 mile road race.  A Road Race?!?!  That’s right, Team Virtus will be competing in a road race.  This isn’t just any road race, though.  Check this out:



This race was tailor-made for Team Virtus — me in particular since I’m not fast on a bike, but I can put down donuts with the best of them… I hope.  So stay tuned for a race report from tomorrow’s race.  Now, on to…

The Bad News

Originally, we were going to have 5-pronged attack, but sadly, Robby Brown and Bob Jenkins are not going to be able to make it to The Tour.  Robby, our most accomplished (and only) roadie is in the middle of moving into a SWEET new house.  And Bob, our most accomplished eater and the favorite on our team to podium since he’s also fast on the bike, could not find anyone to fill in for him at work even though he has always gone out of his way to fill in for others when they need him to.

So Adam Laffoon, Rusty Sapp, and I will be heading to Staunton, IL tomorrow morning.  Our good friend (and possible future teammate???) Kate will be there as well, and she’s the defending silver medal winner from last year.  Hopefully, we can glean some pointers from such a seasoned Donut Veteran before tomorrow’s race.

We’re REALLY excited about this race, but we just wish Bob and Robby could go.  There is no doubt that they will be missed, but we MUST go on without them.  We MUST do them proud.  When we feel like we can’t go any faster, we MUST think of Robby and pedal that much harder.  When we feel like we can’t take another bite, we MUST think of Bob and chew that much faster.  In their absence, we MUST represent Team Virtus to the best of our ability.

On a side note, I’d like to thank my amazingly incredible wife for letting me camp out with two other dudes on our 11th anniversary.  Baby, you’re the greatest!

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