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Just for Fun Friday! – Adam Wins a Medal Edition

We’ve been working long and hard (that’s what she said) behind the scenes here at TV HQ to bring you a new series of blog posts.  In case you missed the title of this post, the new series is called “Just for Fun Fridays!”  Every Friday (or at least every Friday that we feel like posting) we’ll try to post a fun fact, photo, or some other sort of nonsense to help brighten your day as you head into the weekend.  So, without further ado, here you go:

Last Saturday, our very own Adam Laffoon took second place in his division at the Run for Heart 5K in Jefferson City.  Huge congratulations to Adam for winning a medal with a time of 49 minutes and 35 seconds (an average pace of 16 minutes per mile)!

Adam Wins a Medal

"C'mon guys. It's just too easy when you're this good!"

Second place is something to be proud of.  Unfortunately, Adam also finished dead last in his division since there was only one other competitor, but hey, who’s counting?

My question to all of you Virtusites… Is this podium finish worthy of reinstating Adam as a full member of Team Virtus?  Please vote in the comments below.

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