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Look what I got!

A couple of weeks ago, I answered a trivia question posted on facebook by Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Racing.  What did I get for being the first to answer the question correctly?  Check it out:


Me with my new Silva Ranger CL Compass

My sweet new compass!


That’s right… The good people from Checkpoint Tracker sent me a brand new Silva Ranger CL 515 Compass and a couple of sweet CPT stickers (I love stickers – I put them on my gear tub and my Nalgene water bottles).  I’ve never used a compass with a sighting mirror before, but it will be fun figuring it out.  I’ll let you know how I like it.  Anyway, a huge thanks goes out to Paul Angell and Checkpoint Tracker.

Oh, and don’t worry about the lack of facial hair.  I shaved for a job interview.  Some scruff will be back before you know it.  I’ll leave you with one more photo of my new toy:


Silva Ranger CL 515 Compass




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