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TV Signs KG for LBL in KY/TN

Did you understand the title of this blog post?  No?  Then you haven’t been paying attention at all, have you?  Let me decipher the code for you…


TV= Team Virtus (duh!)

KG = Kage (formerly known as Kate Geisen), but we’ll also accept SuperKate

LBL = Land Between the Lakes 24 Hour Adventure Race

KY/TN = Kentucky/Tennessee


That’s right, boys and girls.  Team Virtus has gone coed, and we’ll be competing in the 4-person coed division (aka- the “Elite” division).  What’s funny about competing in the “Elite” division is that Team Virtus has been called “Missouri’s Least Elite Adventure Racing Team” in print.

The Pitch Newspaper Cover Story on Adventure Racing

But that was before we got smart and allowed… uh… invited… uh… asked really nicely… Okay, fine… That was before we begged Kage to join our team and race with us at the LBL 24.  We must have asked her before she downed her morning cup o’ Joe since she graciously accepted our offer (probably out of pity), and now Team Virtus has instantly become a stronger, better looking, more stylish (check out the socks in the photo below), and less hairy team.

Kage Jumping a creek

The first time I ever met Kage was when she beat me in the Castlewood Cup 15K Trail Race.  But I really got to know Kage at the Deuce Adventure Non-Race last year.  It was at the Deuce where I learned that she would make a great teammate.  I tagged along with Kage at the Deuce since she was a newby.  I was just there to teach her some basic navigation skills and make sure she didn’t die.  Not only did she survive, she excelled.  Not one single time did she complain.  Even when she was lost, or tired, or sore, or wet, or hungry, or sitting in a Pack Raft backwards:

Kage in a Pack Raft at the Deuce Adventure Race

Oh, and did I mention she did all of this the day after running 21 miles that left her with blisters and aching feet?!?!?  Clearly, Kage is much, much tougher than me.  I just went and re-read her race report from the Deuce,  and if you want to get an idea of Kage’s personality, you should read it too.

It’s always weird for us to bring on new teammates.  Bob and I started this team and this blog because we thought it would be fun.  We never thought anyone other than our parents would actually read it, and we definitely never thought anyone other than my brother, my cousin, and my friend, Drew would want to be on the team.  So it’s awkward for us to ask someone to join us.  In fact, it usually takes us way too long (as was the case when Adam, Robby, and Rusty joined the team).  In fact, it’s taken us almost a year too long to get Kage on board.  I can’t believe she hasn’t been snatched up by a much better team already.  Take a look at our comments from her Deuce report:

Comments on Kage's Blog

Both Bob and I pretty much said she should be on our team almost a year ago, but we are always hesitant to come out and make it official by asking someone to come on board.  It just seems like by asking someone to be on our team, we’re assuming that we are this amazing team that everyone wants to join.  As much as we joke about how awesome we are, it’s always in a sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek kind of way.  But we are humbled that Kage has agreed to join us.

So Kage, Bob, Casey, and I will be racing at the LBL 24 Hour Adventure race on March 24th – 25th.  We apologize in advance to all of you racing at LBL in the all-male division.  There will be one less team for you to finish ahead of.  And for those of you in the “Elite” Coed Division, I would normally joke about how you should prepare to lose to us.  However, with Kage on the team, it might not be a joke after all.

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