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Just for Fun Friday – Team Virtus Greatest Hits (and Crashes) Edition

In case you haven’t seen some of our videos, I thought we would share some or our greatest hits with you to brighten your day as you head into the weekend.  All but one of the clips are between 8 and 36 seconds, so it won’t take very long to view them.  And as always, let us know what you think in the comments section.  Here you go…

Take a gander at this clip of Bob getting “caught from behind” at Syllamo:

And here’s my failed attempt at riding the same rocks at Syllamo:

Here’s a clip of Bob just having fun blazing his own path at Castlewood State Park, and note my encouraging words convincing Bob to go for it:

Back when Zack was on the team, he provided a ton of entertainment.  Here’s a clip of Zack trying to bunny-hop a log on the Bittersweet Trail down at Lake of the Ozarks:

Here’s a second camera angle of the failed bunny-hop, and it’s worth watching just to hear Bob laugh his ass off:

This is perhaps the funniest video we’ve ever shot (also of Zack at Bittersweet), and if this doesn’t make you laugh, then you really need to seek psychiatric help right now.  Bob’s reaction and my triumphant “YESSS!!!” at the end are just icing on the cake.  Enjoy:

And like any good Greatest Hits Compilation, you have to add some new material.  So here is a never-before seen helmet-cam clip of Bob crashing for no apparent reason at the worst race ever:

Well, we hope you enjoyed that stroll down memory lane as well as the new clip of Bob’s crash.  We really need to start filming more of our escapades, don’t we?  Until next time, Ciao!

Pre-Riding Syllamo’s Revenge

I just wanted to share a few videos we took while pre-riding some of the trails at Syllamo, but be sure to read Bob’s race report from Syllamo’s Revenge to get all of the details.

During our pre-ride on Thursday, when we got to the White River Bluff Trail (the Green Loop), we decided to play around on the rocks a little bit. It’s always a blast, and I usually learn a thing or two. And just so you know, photos and videos never do justice to what it’s like when you’re actually there.

First up is Bob.  Let’s just say he gets quite familiar with his saddle…

That was actually Bob’s second attempt at clearing this.  His first attempt was better, and he almost cleared it on the first try.  Here you can see his third and more successful attempt…

So, Bob cleared it cleanly on his third try.  Now I don’t want to brag or anything, so all I’m going to say is that it did not take me 3 tries to clear those rocks…

My wheel nearly got completely stuck in that crack.  It was not cool.  Now here is a video of my SUCCESS…

Like I said before, it didn’t take me 3 tries to clear the obstacle.  It took me TWELVE tries!  It wasn’t as pretty as Bob’s successful run, but it felt good to clear it nonetheless.  In my defense, I actually cleared the obstacle a couple of times before my twelfth attempt, but I had to put a foot down after clearing it each of those times.  I was determined to ride away cleanly after clearing the rocks, so I kept trying.  I think you can actually hear the relief in Bob’s voice as he yells, “Success!”  He was pretty happy that we could finally continue riding.

I’ll try to add my own race report soon, but I thought I’d post these videos for all of you Virtusites out there.  Um… Yeah.  I just made that word up.

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