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Just for Fun Friday – Random Randomness Edition

Okay, so I’m just going to shoot from the hip with this one.  I’ll just let my mind spew forth whatever it will.  So here goes:

  1. Our first non-race only had 4 people (3 of which were on Team Virtus) do the long course and 2 people do a shorter version of the race.  Our second non-race, The Deuce, only had 5 people participate.  We literally had more volunteers than racers.  This year’s adventure non-race, The CAC,is next weekend, and we have 12 teams signed up with 24 non-racers.  That just blows my mind. If we continue to grow at this rate, we’ll have roughly 4,212 people at next year’s non-race.


  2. Speaking of the first non-race… It was there that Casey first brought Bob a little present:
    Casey giving Bob Chocolates


    Since that cold, winter day in January of 2009, Casey and Bob have re-gifted that box of chocolates to each other every time they do a race together.  And at LBL back in March of this year, Casey once again gave it back to Bob:

    Casey giving Bob Chocolates again


    I’m sure that wasn’t the last time the box of chocolates is re-gifted.  It’s kind of a running joke at this point, and I hope it never ends.  Even though this box of chocolates has to be absolutely disgusting by now, I hope that one day, when we’re too old to adventure race anymore (hopefully not until we’re in our late 90’s), we’ll all sit around a campfire somewhere and enjoy these delicious chocolates together… and then die of food poisoning.


  3. Potty-training boys is MUCH harder than potty-training girls.  Trust me.


  4. The Dirty Kanza is only 7 weeks away!  That’s pretty exciting, but it’s also pretty terrifying.  I’m not ready yet.  Bob and I will be riding a century on Wednesday, April 25th if anyone wants to join us.  There will be very little climbing (almost none actually).  It will be a “time-in-the-saddle” ride consisting of Katy Trail and gravel in the flats along the MO River.


  5. Check out this video of Team Tecnu doing some training.  Not only is their training slightly different than what we do, but their scenery and surroundings are just a bit different too. (Whales and dolphins?  Really?!?)


  6. My Team Virtus Jersey smells disgusting as soon as I break a sweat in it.  I’ve soaked it in Oxyclean and washed it repeatedly, but it’s still very foul-smelling.  Anyone have any tips to make it not-so-nasty?


  7. Am I the only one that thinks The Hunger Games is a complete rip-off of the classic 1987 Schwarzenegger film The Running Man?


  8. Speaking of movies, Anchorman 2 is coming out soon.  Can’t wait for that one.  Also, I heard that a sequel to Dumb and Dumber is in the works, too.  And yes, Lloyd and Harry will be played by Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels.  That one should be pretty funny, too.


Okay, I guess that does it for today.  I told you it was going to be a bunch of random thoughts.  Oh, and I’m hard at work on part 3 of the LBL Challenge Race Report, so stay tuned for that.  Until next time, stay classy, San Diego.





Who’s the Underdog at LBL? Oh Yeah… We are.

Okay, so we are guaranteed a top ten finish in our division… as long as we finish, that is.  There are only seven 4-person coed teams signed up for the LBL Challenge 24 Hour Adventure Race this weekend.  And that might make you think our odds of finishing on the podium are pretty good, right?  I mean we “only” need to beat 4 teams, right?  Well, let’s take a look at all the teams in our division:

Teams for LBL Challenge Adventure Race

For those of you that don’t follow Adventure Racing closely, here are abridged run-downs of each team’s accomplishments.  Let’s start with the teams that I already knew about…


  • 1st Place at 2011 Checkpoint Tracker Nationals
  • 3rd Place at 2011 USARA Nationals
  • 1st Place at 2010 USARA Nationals
  • Ranked 1st in the country in Checkpoint Tracker’s 2011 Year-End Rankings
  • Ranked 6th in the country in USARA’s 2011 Year-End Rankings
  • Too many other accomplishments to list


  • 2nd Place at 2011 Checkpoint Tracker Nationals
  • 2nd Place at 2011 USARA Nationals
  • 2nd Place at 2010 USARA Nationals
  • 12th Place at the Adventure Racing World Championships
  • Ranked 10th in the country in USARA’s 2011 Year-End Rankings
  • Too many other accomplishments to list

Alpine Shop:

  • 4th Place at 2011 Checkpoint Tracker Nationals
  • 6th Place at 2011 USARA Nationals
  • Ranked 7th in the country in USARA’s 2011 Year-End Rankings
  • Domination of Adventure Racing in the Midwest since I can remember
  • Too many other accomplishments to list


The rest of the teams are unfamiliar to me.  Now, that does NOT mean they aren’t top-notch teams.  It just means that I had to do a little digging to find out about them, and for some of them, I didn’t find much.  Here you go…

Milton Basement Racers:

  • 7th Place at 2010 Untamed New England
  • Competed in the 2011 Adventure Racing World Championships in Australia
  • 6th Place at 2010 Huairasinchi Adventure Race in Ecuador
  • 5th Place at 2009 Untamed New England

Cumberland Trail Connection/ARMD:

  • 12th at 2011 USARA Nationals
  • Ranked 8th in the country in USARA’s 2011 Year-End Rankings

Team Punisher:

  • I couldn’t find a thing about this team, so it could be their first race, or they could be Adventure Racing Ninjas.  I guess we’ll find out.


And then that leaves us…

Team Virtus:

  • Um…
  • Let’s see…
  • Well…
  • We have more fun than anyone else?
  • We won a fart war once?
Team Virtus is the Underdog

Underdog would look GREAT in a Team Virtus Jersey

So clearly, we will be racing against some of the best teams in the country, and that’s pretty exciting.  It’s also a little intimidating.  Obviously, we are the underdog here.  But everyone loves an underdog, right?  Except for Norfolk State since they upset my alma mater, Mizzou.  Besides, we always have the same goals going into a race, and where we finish is never one of them.  Here are our goals for this (and every) race:

  1. Be safe and come back in one piece
  2. Have more fun than everyone else
  3. Minimize mistakes and race our best race
  4. Clear the course
  5. Finish if at all possible regardless of how much it sucks (even if we have to cut out some CP’s)

To say we are excited about this race (our first coed race now that we signed Kage to a long-term contract), would be the understatement of the century.  I’m trying really hard to tone down the anticipation, though.  The last time I felt this way about a race, we got kicked in the pills repeatedly (read about the worst race ever right here).

Unfortunately, there is no online coverage this year, but be sure to check out our facebook and/or Twitter page for updates if we ever get a chance to do so.   And wish us luck.  We’re gonna need it!  LBL here we come!!!





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