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Berryman is almost here…and fun with hyperlinks

This needs to be on a belt buckle

Every year, hordes of AR badasses, (and people like us), flock to Southern Missouri for what has become the Midwest’s AR Superbowl: The Berryman Adventure Race. With names like Bushwacker, Alpine Shop and WEDALI, the list of registered teams is basically a list of “Who’s Who in AR.”   Speaking of team names, I’d have to say “Victorious Secret” is my current favorite. And I probably shouldn’t mention this, but it looks like “Awesome-Butt Girl” is racing this year.  Be excited, guys.

Drew riding Luke’s ass at Berryman

Bonk Hard Racing is a name synonymous with greatness, and everybody knows Berryman is the real deal.  Whether you win, lose or finish 2 hours and 45 minutes after the final time cutoff, you’re gonna go home with a sweet jacket and one hell of a campfire story. You’ll get your money’s worth, there’s no doubt about it.

And if your race doesn’t go as well as you’d planned, you can take comfort in knowing  there are coolers full of hot baked potatoes and cold beer waiting at the finish line.  Bonk Hard brings plenty of butter and sour cream, too. And seriously, what’s better than cold beer and hot potatoes after walking 13 miles in a pouring rain-storm?

Brooke and Ben. Trust me, they’re happier than they look.

Sadly, I don’t see the Snail Trail,  Hoosier Daddies or WTFAR listed anywhere, which is particularly disappointing since Todd won’t get to meet The Madness. Oh, what could have been..

Travis Hammons and I will be seeking redemption for our colossal failure at last year’s Berryman, and KG will be racing with her brother Jim as Team Hangover. I’m not sure of everyone else’s plans, but I’m fairly certain Adam has other plans.

So who else is going but hasn’t signed up yet?

Just for Fun Friday: The-Berryman-Is-Here Edition

We will be leaving for The Berryman Adventure in just a couple of hours. What’s the best way to get ready for this race? By making a last minute trip to Alpine Shop since I couldn’t find my map case and since Casey needed new socks.


We didn’t really have time for this, but we decided to skip our naps so we would be sure we’d have all of the mandatory gear. At least Otis had fun.


Bob is teaming up with Travis Hammons to conquer the 12 hour race, and Casey and I are going to attempt the 36 hour race. It should be… uh… fun.

If you wanna keep track of Casey and I during the 36 hour race make sure you go here.  Seriously, please log on and leave some words of encouragement. We’re really going to need your support.

Okay, I better stop writing this. I need to find my trail shoes… And my headlamp… And the keys to the Virtus Van… And my bike…

Anyway, wish us luck and please make sure you check out the online coverage.

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