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Just for Fun Friday – The Boone-Doggle Gravel Grinder Video Edition

While we’re busy licking our wounds finishing the race report for the LBL Challenge (here’s part 1 or you can read Kage’s report right here), I thought I’d share the video from a gravel grinder we did back in February when Casey was in town for a visit.  If you want to read the recap of the ride, you can find that here.  If you’re lazy, you can just watch the video below.  Enjoy…

Super Century Update

As the Super Century draws closer and closer (it’s this Sunday!), I’m realizing how awful this idea truly is.  When I wrote the first post about the Super Century, I really thought everyone would call us stupid and try to talk us out of it.  While we had a handful of people do that, we had way more support than I ever dreamed we would have.  Not only did we get support, we actually had a lot of people interested in joining us.  I guess misery really does love company, huh?

Stupid Team Virtus

So far we have several Missourians, Kansans, Illini, Iowans, a Wisconsanite, a Pennsylvannian, and a New Yorker participating in the Super Century by either riding a metric century (62 miles) on a trainer or outside.  On top of that, we have a handful of nutjobs brave souls that are doing stupid amazing challenges in lieu of the Super Century… 31 miles on a treadmill (that’s even worse that 62 on a trainer), 150 pullups (a LOT harder than it sounds), and 1,000 (or is it 10,000?) “proper form” air squats (also a LOT harder than it sounds).

Since there are so many states participating, the state with the most participants will win the State Super Century Challenge (SSCC), so be sure you drop us a line to let us know you participated.  When this thing goes worldwide, we’ll have to make t-shirts or something and make a trophy for the Super Century World Championship.  Until then, though, you’ll have to settle for bragging rights until next year’s challenge.

There’s still time to crap your spleen into your chamois join in on the “fun.”  If you’re in MO or crazy enough to make the drive (Kage?), we’ll be getting together in a basement somewhere (Aaron, does your offer still stand?) at 6:00 AM.  I’m still trying to hunt down a trainer for Adam, so if you have a spare, let me know.

We’ll be tweeting and facebooking throughout the miserable ride.  Make sure you follow us so you can talk us into staying on the trainer when we want to quit, and I know we’re going to want to quit.

The only thing left to do is pick out what we’re going to watch during this ride.  Maybe some old “ALF” re-runs?  “Driving Miss Daisy” perhaps? It’s always inspiring.  I think my number one pick is the under-rated “From Justin to Kelly.”  Do you have any suggestions for us?

The Super Century!

About a week ago, Casey called me up with a “great idea.”  Now usually, Casey’s ideas are mediocre at best.  Just have him tell you about his ideas for Saturday Night Live sketches if you have an extra 5 or 6 hours.  This time, however, I think he had a pretty good idea.  Here’s how it went down…

Casey: “Hey, man.  Why don’t we all do a Metric Century (100 km = 62 miles) on our trainers on Super Bowl Sunday so we can eat whatever we want during the game?”

Me: “Uh… Because that sounds terrible.”

Casey: “I know.”

Me: “Uh… Sure.  That sounds cool.”

And that was the end of it.  I thought… But then the idea started to grow on me.  Yes, riding outside is more fun.  Yes, the trainer can be boring and painful.  Yes, it will completely suck.  Yes, our taints will be destroyed, and our minds will turn into a steaming pile of dog poo.  But that can only help our minds and bodies prepare for the Dirty Kanza 200 and Cedar Cross, right?  So… I’m in!

Kurt Kinetic Trainer

That's not my bike, but I have the same awesome trainer. Thanks again, Dad!

So on Super Bowl Sunday, February 5th, I’ll be getting up early to get a metric century in on my trainer.  Casey will do the same thing in NY, so we’ll be suffering together, thousands of miles apart.

I’d love it if some others would join me.  Maybe we can get together in someone’s basement, rent all of the Twilight Die Hard movies, and suffer together for a few hours.  I have to be at work at 11:30, so I’d like to get an early start.  Maybe 6:00 AM?  Is that too early for you?  Well, too bad.  It’s not like there’s ever a good time to start such a long trainer ride, is there?

I see this thing really taking off.  I bet with the power of Team Virtus and our vast fan base, we’ll have people from all over the country joining us.  And by “all over the country,” I mean at least MO and NY.

We’ll be doing live updates on Twitter and facebook, so be sure to check that out. And please tweet back at us or hit us up with a comment on facebook to give us encouragement or to heckle us.  We’ll need it.

Don’t have a trainer?  Beg, borrow, or buy one.  Or you could do it the easy way and do a metric century outside.  We’ll still count it.  So, who wants to join me?  Are you brave (crazy and stupid) enough?

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