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Big year ahead

Bob pretends to read the map while waiting for Luke to figure out where we're going

Holy crap, this has been a busy year already!!  Between the non-race, The Lightning Strikes, Ava Brown Memorial 5k/half -marathon fundraiser, signing 2 new team-mates and a  new sponsor… we’ve been a bit behind with all this blogging business. But rest assured my friends, we’re working diligently to keep you up to speed. Race reports are forthcoming, and they WILL be worth waiting for.

Nothing like some ice-cold creekwater on your man-parts.

2011 has a lot in store for Team Virtus, not the least of which will be Zack’s attempt to complete The Trans-Iowa this weekend.

The Trans-Iowa is a 363-mile self-supported gravel ride across the entire state of Iowa, so try to send him some positive thoughts…or some Vicodin. Zack is one crazy bastard, but if there’s one among us who could finish this race, it’s him.

Here, we see Zack at one of his many training rides…eating some form of vegan food containing beans and peanut butter.

It kinda looks like a giant pop-tart...only disgusting

And let’s not forget about the Dirty Kanza. Early June will find us in the Flint Hills of Kansas trying to spin it out for either 100 or 200 miles, depending on who you ask. I’m probably just gonna pick up my free- t-shirt and park my fat ass at the pool. I think we’re all looking forward to this one…or dreading it.

We’re heading out on a nice little training ride for this one tomorrow morning from my place. If you’re not doing anything tomorrow, be at my place by 9am. Should be about 80-ish miles, and we can always use the company. You know you want to be there, so BE THERE!!

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