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Double or Nothing….and Thunder Rolls is coming!!

Is it really the middle of July already? I hope everyone else is having fun and doing plenty of “coasteering training” for The Thunder Rolls next month. I know I am..

Underwater cameras = big fun

Underwater cameras = big fun

So anyway, it’s that time of year again…time to put our twisted minds together and concoct a new Thunder Rolls Challenge. The floor is open as far as what the betting should be, so feel free to post any suggestions you may have. At last count, we potentially have 5 Virtusans TR-bound: Myself, Kate, Luke, Travis and (maybe)Robby. Personally, I think everyone should have their own individual challenge.

If you want to make a bet with me, (and lose), it needs to be running-related. I’ve been on a bit of a roll with this goal of running 50 miles by August 15th, as is evidenced by the graph below:

Oh yeah, it's the real deal.

Oh yeah, it’s the real deal.

….and this bit of success has motivated me to raise the bar a bit. Since this challenge pairs so nicely with the Thunder Rolls racedate, I’m gonna double my initial goal for a total of 100 miles before August 15th.  In the event of my failure, I’m willing to accept any and all consequences you offer up. That is, as long as you’re prepared to hold up your end of the bet when I win.

Oh, and we’re gonna crush WTAR this year, but you already knew that.



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