VirTuesdays - Team Virtus' Training Days for Adventure RacingThat’s right!  If you’re reading this, then you’re invited to come join us in our weekly training.  More often than not it’s going to be a gravel road/mountain bike ride.  However, sometimes we might throw in some running, orienteering, paddling, prowler pushing, slosh pipes, kettlebells, or any other tomfoolery we’re in the mood for.

This will be a weekly thing for us, and we’d love it if any of you want to join us.  The more the merrier.  Are you wicked fast?  Cool.  Come join us.  Are you slower than a turtle with a hernia?  So am I.  Come join us.  Seriously.  You know you want to.

We’ll post details each week in the comments section of this page, so be sure to check here if you want to join us.

Virtuesday - Team Virtus' Training DayThat’s right!  If you’re reading this, then you’re invited to come join us in our weekly training.  More often than not it’s going to be a gravel road ride.  However, sometimes we might throw in some running, orienteering, paddling, prowler pushing, or any other tomfoolery we’re in the mood for.

This will be a weekly thing for us, and we’d love it if any of you want to join us.  The more the merrier.  Are you wicked fast?  Cool.  Come join us.  Are you slower than a turtle with a hernia?  So am I.  Come join us.  Seriously.  You know you want to.

  1. Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 – Meet at Dos Primos in Holts Summit at 8:15 PM for another “Dirty Jenkins” gravel road ride.

  2. You know I’ll be there. I’ve got Luke’s headlight if you need one, Brandon. I also posted the ride to, so you never know when we might see a new face or two.

  3. Sweet! I have strep, but I’ve been on antibiotics for 24 hours. I won’t be contagious, but I’ll still probably feel like crap. I’ll be there, but I’ll be slow.

  4. Another successful Veertoozday night ride on the gravel of Callaway county. Special guest stars were Stoney Cranmer and Brandon Lepage. Good times.

  5. I’m still working on a baby-sitter since my wife is out of town, but for this week’s VirTuesday, I say we all go up to Columbia to watch Race Across the Sky – starring our very own Bob Jenkins!!! Who’s in?

  6. Sounds like a solid idea to me.

    Maybe I wont have a heart attack in the theater this time

  7. Just to let you all know, I won’t be attending any VirTuesday this evening. My feet and legs are still pretty beat up from the Rogaine.

  8. Me either, my feet are wrecked. Lots of missing skin, not really ideal for cycling.

  9. I’m thinking about a prowler session w/ some TRX this Veertwooozday.

  10. I’m down with that. When and where?

  11. 800 at Binder’s red loop. We jog the red loop,(always more fun in the dark), push the prowler along the outer road for a bit, then run the red loop again the other way. That should be enough to get the blood pumping.

  12. No way I’m doing that shit alone:) I’ll run the trails out here next to the civic center tonight.

  13. I know it’s short notice, but Bob and I are meeting at Binder for a hike at 7:45 for tonight’s VirTuesday if anyone can make it.

  14. Tomorrow night, Dec 21st, Bob and I are doing a trail run around 8:00 or 8:15. Binder if it’s not too muddy, or Edgewood if it is too muddy. Post here if you want more details or email me. Word.

    • Edgewood it is. 7:30-ish. I’ll be bringing some clothes for Bob to run in since he forgot to bring any. Anyone else want to join us? Anyone? How about you? Yes you!

  15. And they loved it!

    Good run, I’m a little sore today. I’m gonna start running that loop in the mornings before work, I think. I need an ipod.

  16. Hey y’all, Night run tonight at Binder. Be at the bait shop around 8.

    It’s cold, but the snow is beautiful and if we’re lucky we won’t even need headlamps….but I’m still bringing mine:)

    Confirmed guest appearance this evening from Adam Hughey!!….I mean Laffoon.

  17. I’ve got Wednesday off work, so I was thinking about “going long” this week. I was thinking we could do this ride:

    Then run the trail, (3 miles, maybe?), and ride the same route back.

    It’s supposed to be snowing…

  18. I think Bob is riding his bike as I type this, but Adam and I are running 4 miles at Cole County Park (by the fairgrounds) if anyone wants to join us. Be there at 5:00 – 5:15 tonight!

  19. So I guess we’l call it a VirMonday ride.. I’m off work tomorrow so I’ll be be wakin’ up at the crack of noon for a nice gravel cruise. Mileage unknown, depends on how I feel after the first 10-15. Ride begins and ends at the Holts Summit Dos Primos, be there by 1230 if you want to go.

    Also, night run tonight starts at…..10? 1 hour loop, 30 mins out and then we’ll turn back.

    It’s not that cold!!

  20. I was wrong, it’s pretty damn cold. My ass kept freezing to the saddle and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I really need to get some goggles or something.

  21. Virtuesday night run was a crushing success. 3 mile run in 21:27 with a new personal record 7:04 mile. At least that’s what my ipod says..and it’s smarter than me so I guess I’ll have to believe it.

    Gravel ride this weekend at Lake of the Ozarks, details are at: I’m pretty sure Zacks’ locked into this one, and I’m a definite maybe. Get out there!

  22. I won’t be at this one. Instead, I will be riding a metric century on Saturday. Probably leaving around 9:00 from the North Jefferson Lot if anyone wants to join me. I rode 40 miles of this route last Saturday and it is a great ride! Let me know if anyone wants to join me.

  23. I might ride a smaller porion of it with you so I’ve still got some juice left for Sunday. I wanna break the cobwebs loose before we do the Chill next weekend.

  24. I might want to do a smaller portion of this ride with you guys on Saturday (I’m out for Sunday b/c of Becca’s grandma’s 90th!! birthday party). Are we watching your kids on Saturday, Zack? If so, I’ll see if Becca minds if I go for a couple of hours. I’ll probably “only” want to do 20 to 30 miles, and I’ll be very slow. Is there a good section to start and cut-out from that would be around 25-ish miles? Lemme know.

  25. I probably can’t make it. Especially with my hip/back flare up. Howevr, I am back to training and hope to get in a metric 5 on foot and maybe a metric 30-40 on the bike. You are welcome to join me. Probably levaing frmo my house Saturday afternoon and heading towards Canandaigua Lake and then Bristol. We’ll go out for an hour or so and then back. Let me know if you can make it.

    Luke – hope you’re able to ride faster on the gravel ride than you could during the Winter Challenge AR we did a couple of weeks ago. Let me know how it goes.

  26. Luke,
    If you still can watch em, that will be awesome! I’ll return the favor at a date TBD. As far as riding 20-30, there are a few good options depending on when you want to come out. The start is always a good option and I think there is a decent loop at around 30.

  27. Yeah, we can watch ’em. Let me see if I can make it for part of the ride. It shouldn’t be a problem. Anyone else wanna go? Robby? Brandon? Anyone?

  28. I would be up for at least part of the ride Saturday. I also plan on doing the ride at the Lake on Sunday.

  29. I’m getting excited. It’s gonna be so fun watching all of you guys ride away while I’m hyperventilating and regretting my dietary indiscretion 🙂

  30. Here’s the scoop…we’ll roll out from the North Jefferson Lot at 10:00 AM. I will bring some printed maps or you can just print your own here:
    It’s gonna be a blast. See ya’ll there!

  31. 25 mile “Flat with little hills” (according to Zack) ride tonight! Leaving the paved pavilion/commuter lot tonight at 9:00 PM. So far it’s Zack, Bob, and me. Anyone wanna go?

  32. Tonight, 3/1 we’ll be running at Cole County Park near the fairgrounds at 8:00. I plan on doing 2 or 3, but you can run at your own pace for your own distance. Anyone else wanna go?

  33. Run on the Greenway tonight around 7:30ish. Meet at the little lot near the Edgewood trail. Come one, come all.

  34. Adam Laffoon and I rode to Hartsburg and back last night. Right around 20 miles, 12.9 mph avg speed.

    Anybody want to run tonight? I’m thinking edgewood TRAIL.

    Camp is only 9 DAYS AWAY!!

  35. Sorry I missed the ride. I’m down for a run tonight, though. Let me know when and where, brutha.

  36. I’m thinking around 7:30 we all meet up at the Edgewood trailhead, run 2 laps around that beeitch. I dont have my trail shoes, but what else is new?

    Be there, Brandon.

  37. Did you really mean Beotch (Be-otch) or Beeitch (Bee-itch). Up north we use beotch. Is that a Missoura thing? A week from tomorrow we leave for camp. Are we doing the all you can eat steak dinner after we check in again?

    I’m not going to make the run tonight. I stationary biked this morning and I have to teach a BJJ class tonight. Have fun running around the beeitch twice. See you next week.

  38. I can’t believe there was ever a question about us going to the steak buffet.

    It’s been too long, Casey…..too long. I’m looking forward to getting together with you guys again. I heard Austin was growing a beard, don’t let him dye it blonde and then put a giant blue arrow on his forehead 🙂

  39. I suspect we’re all still a little sore from LSAR this weekend, but I’d like to get out and do a bit of running tonight. I was thinking I’d head over to the track @ the middle school for a casual 2-miler, just to blow out some of this lactic acid.

    Planning to be there around 7:30. All are welcome to join.

    • I work until 8:00, but I’ll come by right after work. I can be there by ten after or so. Which elementary school are you going to. And more importantly, do they have tether ball?

  40. I’m going to that middle school on 1201 Fairgrounds Rd. See you there!!

  41. Anybody wanna ride to Hartsburg and back tonight? I’m on my bike today so I can meet there at 8.

    • Can’t do it tonight. I have Andrew so I will probably just end up running.

      • Shit. Well, tomorrow night we’re gonna feel some real pain. I’m off work, so we can get there as early as you guys want. I really want to work on our paddling and our transitioning.

        We’re also going to push the prowler, and I’ve got one more surprise…(**rubs hands together**)

        The Thunder Rolls is fast approaching.

        • Sounds good. I can be ready as soon as I get off work at 430. Where you want to meet?

          • MO river access right under the bike-bridge. We’ll need our biking and paddling gear. Headlamps would probably be a good idea too.

            • Would you want to meet there about 445? I can just take all my stuff to work with me and go straight there. Do you know if Luke has to work?

  42. I think he said on that he’d get there a little after 5.

    • I worked tonight, so I didn’t even see this about riding to Hartsburg and back. It would have been a great night for it.

      I can be out there tomorrow around 5:00 or shortly thereafter. Are we using my canoe? The only paddles I have are the really short, white water kayaking paddles. They’ll work, but they’re not ideal. I’ll bring those as well as a couple of canoe paddles. I also only have 2 pfd’s. I’ll bring the Prowler as well, but let me know what else I need to bring.

      And Bob, your “surprise” has me a little worried.

  43. So..I get off work Sunday around 5. Anybody wanna ride to Herman & back or to Copper’s landing and back? And yes, I plan on camping overnight. It’ll be awesome.

  44. OK, so we’ve got a pretty huge ride going down tomorrow. Has anyone got Travis Hammons’ phone number or email?

    Travis: Just in case you read this before I can get ahold of you, try to be at my place around 9 am tomorrow for the ride to Augusta. If you need to, call me at work 573-761-2121

  45. That’s right ladies…you now have Bob Jenkins phone number. Call him late at night, write it on the bathroon stalls, sleep with it under you pillow…cherish it. He doesn;t just give it out to anybody, only the finest, most refined ladies out there. Consider yourselves lucky and on a very short, elite list.

    Plus, I now have his phone number…Woof. Maybe you’ll get some calls from our friendly bear website. For those bear fans out there, Bob was the one staring at green shirt’s ass…Woof.

  46. Dirty Jenkins night ride tonight! Meet at Dos Primos in Holts Summit at 8:15. We roll out at 8:30. So far, it’s Bob, Adam, and me. Anyone else wanna go?

    UPDATE: Rusty is going to join us as well. Are you coming? Yes, you! Be there.

  47. Good ride last night, I got home and made a nice kidney bean omelette for a recovery meal. We really need to go grocery shopping

  48. VirTuesday MORNING tomorrow!!! Instead of staying up late, we’re going to ride at Binder tomorrow morning. We’ll roll out from the bait shop at 6:00 AM, so get there a few minutes earlier (I have to leave at 7:15 SHARP).

    Bob and I rode Binder this morning, and while it sucked to wake up that early, it was a GREAT ride once we got there.

    Anyone want to join us?

  49. Michelle Hughey

    Make sure you get home in time. Becca can’t be late to work. I hear her boss is real bitch.

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