VirTuesdays - Team Virtus' Training Days for Adventure RacingThat’s right!  If you’re reading this, then you’re invited to come join us in our weekly training.  More often than not it’s going to be a gravel road/mountain bike ride.  However, sometimes we might throw in some running, orienteering, paddling, prowler pushing, slosh pipes, kettlebells, or any other tomfoolery we’re in the mood for.

This will be a weekly thing for us, and we’d love it if any of you want to join us.  The more the merrier.  Are you wicked fast?  Cool.  Come join us.  Are you slower than a turtle with a hernia?  So am I.  Come join us.  Seriously.  You know you want to.

We’ll post details each week in the comments section of this page, so be sure to check here if you want to join us.

Virtuesday - Team Virtus' Training DayThat’s right!  If you’re reading this, then you’re invited to come join us in our weekly training.  More often than not it’s going to be a gravel road ride.  However, sometimes we might throw in some running, orienteering, paddling, prowler pushing, or any other tomfoolery we’re in the mood for.

This will be a weekly thing for us, and we’d love it if any of you want to join us.  The more the merrier.  Are you wicked fast?  Cool.  Come join us.  Are you slower than a turtle with a hernia?  So am I.  Come join us.  Seriously.  You know you want to.

  1. Specialized Demo Day from 5:00 – 8:00 tonight at the Binder Trails in Jefferson City. I can’t get there until 8:15 or so, but we’ll be doing a night ride at Binder if you want to join us for VirTuesday.

  2. That was a good ride. We might oughta do another night ride tomoro or something before the 10 days of rain starts.

  3. VirTuesday Night Ride tonight. Meet at Pioneer Trail Elementary School at 8:30 for a 20-ish mile road ride across the MO River Bridge and back. You know you wanna go.

  4. Night ride at Binder tomorrow night at around 8:15 or so. The plan is to do all of the trails (~13 miles). We might even have a little fun with the Prowler afterward. You know you wanna join us!

  5. 6/14/2011-Virtuesday night ride. Binder was good and we had a good group: Zack, Adam, Turbo and Myself. big loop at Binder for two hours-ish under a full moon and cool temps. Where were you?

    • I didn’t think the trails would be dry, so I did the old 94 gravel loop and still got muddy. Plus, you guys didn’t post anything here.

    • Stoney, I’m usually the one that posts our VirTuesday training, but I wasn’t going to be able to make it so I didn’t post anything. Bob totally dropped the ball on this one.

      So Bob, were the trails dry?

  6. Normally I’d take credit for this mistake. However, Adam was at this ride so that means he’s totally at fault for ruining our opportunity to ride with Stoney. I don’t think I have to tell you what that means…

    Stoney, the trail was in awesome shape. A few minor mudholes here and there, but the only truly sloppy area was on the yellow loop right before you get to the pavilion. Otherwise, we had nearly perfect conditions.

    The humidity level is another story altogether.

  7. Thursday night ride. Got my old Singlespeed back, time to train on a man’s bike again. Going from full-suspension to no-suspension….should be a few quality wrecks:)

    Planning to do the “long loop” at binder tonight, starting around 815. Come one, come all. The pace will likely be pathetically slow.

  8. Binder tonight!! I’m outta work at 730, so I’m heading straight over there afterwards. Pace will be long and strong. Rusty has already RSVP’d.

  9. Nighttime Gravel Grinder tonight! Meet at Dos Primos in Holts Summit around 8:30 tonight for a 25 – 30 miler! Bring a light and enough food and water, and we’ll see you there.

  10. badass ride tonight. 4-man group thang w/ Rusty, Luke,Bob and Nick Smith. Just under 30 miles and only 1 skunk attack. Good times

  11. Adam and I are going riding/caving/hiking/canoeing Thursday night thru Friday morning. Wanna go?

  12. 7/5/2011- Tonight we’re going long. Meet at 815 near trailhead of yellow loop at Binder. Bring your bike, running shoes, paddle, pfd, headlamp and man-balls.

    Unless you’re a which case you will need to bring someone else’s man-balls.

  13. Bob and I are meeting at his house and riding out at 5pm tomorrow on gravel roads if anyone is interested.

  14. VirTuesday Ride tonight – Meet at the Paved Pavillion at the commuter lot at the Katy Trail Spur at 8:20 tonight. We leave at 8:30 for a 25 miler with a mix of pavement and gravel.

    • Great turnout tonight! Adam, Rusty, Phil, the one and only Stoney Cranmer, and me. 22-ish miles of gravel and pavement, and the heat and humidity weren’t too bad. Join us next time!

  15. Did you guys hear about this new race in Columbia? By the looks of the website the entrants will be just a couple of guys and hundreds of hot chicks in bikini’s covered in mud.

  16. Robby forwarded that to me this morning, looks like a big ass party with a little bit of running. It’s the same day as the Wakarusa Challenge, so I’m pretty sure we’ll miss out on the Midway mudpit.

    Every person I’ve talked to about Wakarusa said it was one of their favorite races from 2010.

  17. Gravel ride leaves from my house tonight at 8:30.

    Distance: unknown
    Terrain: unknown

    RSVP’d Participants:

    Adam “Cockblock” Laffon
    Luke “The Dragon” Lamb
    Rusty “doesnt have a nickname yet” Sapp
    Bob Jenkins

    be there or be square.

    • How about Rusty “only ate 2 donutes” Sapp.
      “Rusty Nail” Sapp
      Rusty “don’t ride into a cow” Sapp. OH, wait, that was Luke.

      • You cut me deep Kate….you cut me real deep. Why did you have to go and let the cat out of the bag on my lack of donut eating skills? Since there hasn’t been a race report published I thought I was good. Not now! Thanks Kate!

        • 🙂

          Yeah…there WAS supposed to be a race report, wasn’t there?


          • Actually, Adam has finished the race report for the Tour de Donut, and I’ve added my comments to it. We’re just waiting on Rusty “Two-Pump-Chump” to add his own flare to the post. In his defense, though, today was the first day he gained access to our blog as an editor. It should be posted tonight or tomorrow.

          • Sorry to keep you waiting Kate. I kept changing it. Don’t worry Rusty, your donut eating skill, or lack thereof, are referenced. It’s cool though, you were only saving room for the good stuff like cheeseburgers and bbq, right?

  18. WTF? That’s not my name. It’s Laffoon with 2 O’s.

  19. Shut up, asshole.

  20. Tonight 8/2 – Trail run and trail ride. Running the red loop and then biking the blue and green loops. Meeting at 8:30. Bring your headlamps and cajones!

  21. We leave for the Lionheart in 4 days. I can’t help but wonder if we fare better on the water than these guys:

    Check out the dude on the far left…I think he was confusing his paddle for an emergency brake.

  22. I know we’re tapering for the Lionheart and all, but do you guys want to do a casual Binder rider tonight? I wont be able to get out there til about 815-830

  23. Only joking with the name of course. Why would you use that as your moniker anyway? Or if you all want (since you are going to have a flippin blast this weekend and all I am going to do is a little solo training and work on my stupid house)we could meet at my crib and do a easy ride on the greenway and back it’s about 19 miles but super easy? Just a thought. If not I am down with binder.

  24. normally that’d be fine with me, but I’m really wanting to try out my new kayak tonight after the ride. don’t let me stop you guys though, if that’s what you want to do.

    I do need to tell you guys that Binder is totally buff right now. Gonna be a gooood ride for the next couple days.

  25. Great ride tonight! Did that feel FAST to anyone else?

    • It totally felt fast! I’m not sure if it was because the temperature was so much cooler or because of our new jerseys. Probably our new jerseys.

  26. Dirty Jenkins ride tonight.

    Meet at 830 at the Holts Summit Dos Primos, that way I can ride there from my house and say I rode further than all of y’all.

  27. So far it’s me, Rusty, Robby, Luke and Casey..who will be riding his bike from New York to do a 20 mile gravel loop.

    Kanza training starts soon. Very soon.

    • Why so soon? Are you going to be able to ride consistently though winter slowly building up miles to peak in June?

      I’m not trying to burst your bubble, but this is the time for relaxing and just enjoying your riding instead of getting serious about a race 8 months away.

  28. Write me a training plan. 🙂

  29. Shit’s gettin’ crazy tonight!! Meet at Bob’s place at 9pm, then we’re gonna caravan over to a section of the fabled Monstercross course for a nice pre-ride.

    Already on tonight’s roster are Luke, Robby, myself and Chris Bopp. Stoney might even come out…if he’s not a pansy or a candyass.

  30. Virtuesday night hike. Plan on being out there for a few hours scouting sections of the Cedar Creek trail. Meet at Dos Primos at 8pm for a quick drive to the trailhead.

    Plan on crossing a creek or two and doing some serious smiling.

  31. **edit** The Holts Summit Dos Primos.

  32. I’m in if you don’t mind a new guy

  33. SWEET! I’ll be there in my red truck. Pretty sure Gomed is coming too, so we should have a good time. Bring an extra pair of socks if you can.

  34. A great hike on the Smith Creek loop last night with Jim and Biner. Good times had by all. Great night for a hike with a new friend and one HOT lady!

  35. Agreed, it was a great night for a hike. I hadn’t been out in that area and was suprised at the topography. We learned that majestic views are not as visible without the sun, and came up with some good ideas like jersey pockets full of horse poop. Good times! I look forward to heading out again.

  36. Sunday evening hike begins at rutherford bridge, looping thru Devil’s backbone on our way back to the bridge. Moderate difficulty with at least 2 creek crossings. At one creek your feet will get wet, so pack accordingly and come prepared to have a good time.

    Hike should start right around 5, and ANYONE is welcome to meet us at the bridge at 5 or the Holts Summit Dos Primos at 430 for a 25 minute carpool.

    All you need is a camelbak and a sandwich. Be there or be square

  37. Are we doing anything tonight? I’ve got that new slosh-pipe at the house.

    • I’m down for some Slosh Pipe action. I can bring a Kettlebell and my TRX too if you wanna put together a killer circuit. I don’t get off work until 8:00, though. Will that work? Is anyone else in?

  38. I think I’m going to go hike around at Cedar Creek to get out of the house. Something about cold weather makes me want to be in the woods. Anyone is welcome to join. No plans other than to be out and about for a few hours.

  39. Anybody got a suggestion for tonight? I was thinking it’d be fun to run a few laps around the park over by Robby’s place and maybe push the prowler. Thoughts?

    • Prowler pushes are great. You could break out the slosh pipes as well. Luke should bring his rope and TRX. You can combine them with the prowler ffor some devious workouts. You need to get (build) a bulgarian bag (killer core exercises). Or better yet…

      Get yourself a huge tire (think construction equiptment) and a big old sledge hammer (16+ pounds). You flip the tire, jump in, jump out the other side, flip the tire back, repeat the jumps, pick up the sledge hammer and do 5 swings each side and 5 over the top. Repeat 5-10 for 3-5 sets. Or you could do intervals with just the sledge hammer (30-60 seconds per side) or do as many as you can get in 60 seconds and then beat it consecutively on your next 2 or 3 sets.

      Man, I wish I was there to train with you guys. I hope I’ll be able to train with you guys some this spring or summer. Hopefully, I’ll be able to train like this over hte winter here. I’ll keep you posted.

      Bob – you never responded to my winter adventure post. You guys in?

    • I just saw this. Had a long day, and I already trained today. Did you end up doing anything, Bob?

      • Ran 2 miles on the greenway in 18:31. Not bad for a fatty.

        Casey, I’m still trying to round up the money for the Medved. I REALLY want to go, but you know how it is.

        • NO doubt. You’re welcome and I hope you can make it. If you could get a couple more to come it would be more affordable (carpool). Once you are here I’ll feed and house you. Hope you can make it. Nice job with the run. I hope to start running aoon, I shut everything down to let my ankle finally get better. I hope I am ready for the Medved.

  40. If anyone’s interested, I’m gonna do an overnighter out on Cedar Creek on weds night. Planning to do trail work and play in the woods both days.

  41. 30-ish mile gravel ride tomorrow at 4:30 PM from the commuter lot. Flat gravel with a bit of Katy Trail. Any and all are welcome to join us. Bring a light.

  42. Gravel ride tonight with a guest appearance from an Orange Lederhosen! Bob has more details, so hopefully he’ll post them soon. The ride should start around 8:30 tonight.

  43. 3/13/2012 Come on out to Binder. The weather is phenomenal.


  44. VirTuesday ride tonight. 8:15 at the paved pavilion commuter lot for 30 – 50 miles of flat gravel/Katy Trail. Bring a light!

  45. I’ll be there.

  46. Did you guys see this – This may be the excuse I’m looking for to start running again.

    • That looks pretty good. There’s also a running event coming in September called the Prison Break. It’s gonna be a prison-break themed run beginning at the old prison in JC. It should be pretty badass.

    • I hadn’t heard of the Kicks in the Sticks race. I’m in for it. I’m thinking about training for a marathon anyway, so this would fit right in.

  47. 6/26/2012—5:45am at the Thomas Jefferson Middle School running track. Be there or be square

  48. 6/26/2012: Night Hike @ Binder. I’ll be hiking the yellow loop tonight starting at 8-815. Not sure what the distance is out there, but shouldn’t be too terrible. Don’t forget a headlamp.

  49. 6/29/2012: Gonna be hot, so let’s go early. Plan is to ride a lap at Binder then jump in the boats and paddle across it a few times. Clipping in at 6am.

  50. Run tomorrow? 5:45 at the track? Or earlier? How about we do half a mile on the track and then hit an easy road course. I have a course in mind.

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